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Best Way to Remove Dog or Cat Hair from the Car, Couch, Clothes, Carpet and More

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Does it seem like hair is everywhere but on the dog or cat? There is a cat or dog hair removal tool for all your needs. Some are just crazy inventions that do work and some will make you think, “why didn’t I think of that?” All of these products will make living with your pet easier and a little less furry.

Just slip these microfiber slippers on and walk around your house. This way you can randomly pick up the pet hair without even trying. At least the walkways in the house will be fur-free. Comes in pink, black, and purple. Makes a great gag gift.



So simple, it’s crazy. As if by magic, this sponge removes cat and dog hair from everything – clothes, furniture, and even carpet. You wipe it dry over any fabric or surface and it grabs the pet hair. You then do have to pull off the hair to throw away. It can be washed with soap and water and let it dry before using again. Reviewers report that it picks up ground in dog and cat hair and a single sponge will last for years, making this a cheap way to remove pet hair from surfaces.


This is like using a pumice stone to clean off the fur. And it does work, but is a little rough on surfaces. This is best for car carpet and other fabrics you don’t need to be gentle with.




Just Vacuum Your Pet

These tools let you go straight to the source – your cat or dog. Attach one of these to your vacuum and just suck the shedding fur off your pet. Crazily enough, some pets actually enjoy this – like a massage. But choose your pet wisely to test this method on or you may end up with lasting scars or a terrified pet who never again trusts you.

These are  top selling and highest rated pet hair vacuum attachments:

The Bissel Pet Hair Vacuum Attachment

Don’t just vacuum your pet – shop vac him with this attachment!

The Furminator Vacuum Attachment – attaches to most any vacuum hose.







Watch a Corgi enjoy his vacuum massage with :


This handheld pet rake rakes the undercoat and removes much of the fur that sheds in the spring. It looks ominous, but the tips are rounded and designed for comfort.




When you are done raking the dog, rake the carpets and rugs with this indoor rake. It’s really just an oversized pet brush to brush off the fur from surfaces.




This is one very large piece of tape. Stick it to the surface, such as a car seat or couch, press down, and then pull off. Don’t use this on your pet please.


Top Vacuums for Cat and Dog hair

Ask anyone and they will tell you how much they love it. It’s not great for carpet cleaning, but if you have hardwood floors – you will love this splurge. Set it to vacuum every day, and it will pick up most all the fur in the house. Cheaper than hiring a live in maid for your pet, but almost just as good.

And giving a cat the advantage over the dog is also another great reason to buy a Roomba:


Of course always makes the top list for vacuuming pet hair, and that’s because it works better than most others at getting pet fur out of the carpet.




Or Just Give Up

There’s always the option to just give up on the cat and dog fur battle. Proudly display your decision with a funny sign or welcome mat that warns incoming guests.

“Warning…House infested with dog hair. Enter at your own risk!”

“Home is where the hair sticks to everything but the Cat.”

“Hair of the Dog? Help yourself. It’s all over the house.”








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