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Best Welcome Mats for Pet Owners

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Welcome visitors with one of these best welcome mats for pet owners to your home where the dogs or cats take center stage, along with a bit of humor of course.

Ransom Note from the Dog Door Mat

This welcome mat comes in the form of a demand from the family dog, seeing as how he’s supposedly taken them hostage and wants some delicious meaty goodness in exchange for their safety. This door mat is perfect for the family with the big scary looking dog that really is a softy and would not even consider harming a hair on any of their family member’s heads.

Play on Words Door Mat

goes perfectly with your pet if their favorite new toy is the bottle of doggie champagne you found for them here. It also works well if they love to taste… er… lick all the newcomers to the home to size them up for what types of herbs and spices would go best with each human snack that comes their way. Either way, dog’s not being able to hold their licker is funny so this is a win-win.

Let’s be honest here… dogs bark at visitors to their home. They view their home as their territory and as soon as someone comes to the door and knocks or rings that doorbell the dogs are on high alert. You might as well warn visitors of that in an appropriately Shakespearian tone perfect for those who fancy themselves as masters of the English language.

Excited Animals Door Mat

Visitors put your pets on high alert, but also excite them. It’s hilarious to watch your pets try to decide whether they are more on guard or more happy to see the visitors, so show your friends that they might have some oddly confused animals to contend with. explains that your pets may wet themselves, or just freakout and decide some at home destruction is in order thanks to the presence of an outsider.

Real life gets in the way of getting all the dog hair up and off the surfaces in your home. Unless you are a bit compulsive about dog hair, or you have a full time housecleaner on staff you can probably use this door mat if you are a dog owner. Even better, hair of the dog can stick to your clothes and supposedly even help you battle a hangover but we’d advise caution if trying it for the first time after your rockin’ New Year’s Eve bash.

Classic Pet Welcome MatClassic Pet Door Mat

If your sense of humor follows the mainstream more than the quirky, go for the classy “Wipe Your Paws” door mat, but do it in style. This half-moon shaped mat does an effective job at actually getting grime off the footwear of your visitors while still bringing a smile to their faces and letting them know that mammals of the furrier persuasion reside in your home.

Diary of a Captive Dog Day 751 Door Mat

No matter if you are a dog or a cat person, you have a that tells the tail of woe that your pet suffers from being a captive in your home. Whether they are tormented with feathers on a string or squeaky toys, your pets would probably be penning letters like this had they only been granted opposable thumbs like we have. The other bonus to a fun door mat like this is that it’ll take your visitors a minute to read it so if you see them coming it’s an extra bit of time you have to clean up the pet hair before you open the door.

Cone of Shame Door Mat

The cone of shame is a fact of domesticated animal life, but it is still humiliating. Why not capitalize on that and share the humor of the cone of shame with your visitors to your home, especially if your pet is accident-prone and has a cone on more often than not. Otherwise, this could be a fun door mat that is outdated in just a few days until Fido’s stitches heal.

Door Mat for Lazy Dog Owners

Be honest, you know you should walk your dog more often. So leave it up to your guests and instruct them to help you out when they show up to your house. Or, leave this out especially for the solicitors who you really don’t want around, but Fido would love to play with. Either way you kill several birds with one stone by getting the dog some exercise, keeping a in front of your door to help trap dirt and grime, and giving your guests a good giggle for when they initially think the door mat is a joke and not a real life instruction.

Your dog takes the “lover not fighter” term a bit too literally, sometimes yes? Well, this is the best possible door mat you could find because you might as well reassure your visitors that he won’t bite… but he might just show his love of their foot wear or new jeans in a very physical way. And really, who could blame him, those are some rockin’ new jeans you have on, they really make your legs look amazing.

Pet Owner Priorities Welcome Mat

Between all the time you spend picking up dog excrement, making sure that the pet hair layer isn’t quite as thick as your carpet pile is, and making sure your beloved best friend has all the kibble and fresh water he needs, you really can feel like the dog owns you sometimes. Show that dedication and put yourself in the place your dog really might think you deserve, the position of pet housekeeper. Really, in life it’s like have the title of parent, you get so much out of the job it is worth all the work in the end. As long as you don’t really screw it up.

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