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Keep Your Dog Out of the Trash with a Dog Proof Garbage Can

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Tired of coming home to the trash spread all over the floors after you dog turned it into a buffet? Unless you have the skills of an expert professional dog trainer, you are not going to stop this behavior because your dog is rewarded every time he gets into the garbage with the treats he finds. The only way to keep your dog out of the trash is with a dog proof garbage can that has a lid.

This uses infrared technology to automatically open and close the lid. Simply wave your hand over the sensor and the lid opens. In a few seconds, it closes. It’s large size is perfect for a large family. It’s large size both in height and width makes it hard for most dogs to knock over. However, if you have a large breed intelligent dog, they will figure out that walking by closely opens the lid. It stands 28.7 inches (a little over 2 feet) tall. If your dog’s head is taller than the can, it may not be your best option. It works great as a dog proof garbage can for most small to medium sized dogs.

This garbage can is designed with pet owners in mind. It opens with a foot pedal. To lock, you simply press the metal latch on the lid. This is best for dogs that know how to knock the trashcan over to spill the rewards. Even if the dog knocks this trashcan over, it will remain closed. Eventually your dog will learn that there’s no reward for the effort and learn to keep out of the trash.

Some human friendly features include a soft slow closing lid – no loud slamming, a sleek black, grey, or mocha color to blend into the background, and a cheaper price than other options.

See how this locking pet proof garbage can by SimpleHuman works in this video:

This can opens with a foot pedal. Only the smartest of dogs will figure out the foot pedal. Most dogs quickly leave this can alone after failing to figure it out. It’s well-built and heavy, making it difficult to knock over. However, even when pushed over, the lid may stay closed.


Yes, these dog proof trash cans are more expensive than a simple plastic bin, but consider it a savings if it keeps your dog from eating dangerous trash such as cooked chicken bones, or from licking sharp can lids.


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