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Most Recommended Products That Keep Dogs off the Couch When You are Not Home

Tired of your dog lounging on the couch while you are away at work? Here are some of the most recommended products that keep dogs off the couch when you are not home. When the aluminum foil trick doesn’t work, try these solutions to keep dogs off the couch. Many will work for the cat too.

This is a battery-operated mat that produces a loud obnoxious sound when pressure is applied. The dog jumps on the couch and then immediately jumps off to get away from the 85 decibel beeps. Eventually your dog will just stop trying to jump on the couch as he learns to associate it with a bad or scary noise. Some pet owners report that it only took one time for their dog to learn to stay off the couch with this mat.

This works similar to the scram mat, but emits a mild static pulse instead of a loud sound. You can test it on yourself first if the idea of shocking your pet concerns you. The shock is annoying but doesn’t cause pain. It’s just enough to make you jump away from the source, which is what your dog will do when he jumps on it. This works better than the scam mat if your pet is old and deaf.

This just makes the couch unattractive for pet or human to sit on. But it does fold away easily, flat enough that you can store it under the couch. Comes in couch and . Color choices include beige, brown, and black. Although, getting a coordinating color doesn’t make this product more attractive. It is however cheaper than buying the Scam mat or static electricity mat.

This is like placing a thick blanket of foil on your couch. Your pet jumps on the couch and is annoyed by the crinkling sound and weird feeling under him. It covers the full length of the couch and the back of the couch for those couch surfing pets.



This will work on most any surface you don’t want your pet on. It has a motion activated sensor. When it senses movement in the area, it sprays a burst of compressed air and emits a sound to scare away your pet. You can set it to a sound only mode as well. There are several motion settings. Pet owners like this one better than other similar products on the market. The one downside is that you have to remember not to walk in its path before turning it off.


The electronic pet barrier works like outdoor invisible fences. Your dog wears a collar. You place the device near the couch or any other area you don’t want your pet. Set the barrier from 2 to 12 feet in diameter. Then when you dog enters that space, he will hear a mild tone first and then a mild static shock second. He will quickly, sometimes after just one try, learn what the warning tone means and stay away from that area. Test the shock on yourself first if you are unsure of this method. Users report it is less than a static electric shock you can get from walking around the house. This is also a great idea for keeping dogs out of the litter box.

Then there is always the last resort option: Just Give Up

If not of these products work, just admit defeat and give up. Instead make the couch a cozy place for man and beast to coexist. Thiscover the places your pets lay. Unlike a typical couch cover, you can remove these easily anytime you want to sit on a couch without the fur and muddy paw prints or have unexpected guests arrive. Just pull these off and stuff into a closet and your couch will be clean for guests. Of course they are machine washable too. Comes in brown, cream, and green.


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