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The Best Kong Toys for Dogs for Your Active Canine

Kong is probably most commonly known for its rubber bell-shaped dog chew toy that you can smear peanut butter or fake cheese into. Kong toys for dogs are popular because they do a good job of keeping your canine busy and they keep chewers chewing on a toy instead of your furniture or slippers. However, the Kong line includes a large variety of toys that both dogs and their owners rave about. These are some of the favorite and .

The Kong Wobbler is not designed as a chew toy. It’s a large plastic container you fill with dog treats. You then place it on the floor and as your pet bats and pushes it around, it randomly lets those treats spill out and then pops right back up to entice your pet to play some more. You can use this to keep your dog active while you are away from the house, or put Fido’s food into it and make him work for his dinner. If you have a large dog who needs to slow down his eating, this will do the trick. The small size is great for cats too.


See the Wobbler in Action!


This has a nylon rope center with shreds of fabric on the ends to get your puppy or active adult dog playing and tossing his toy. Two dogs can use it as a tug-o-war toy by each grabbing one end of the shreds of fabric. It floats so you can also take it the beach or lake to play fetch with. This isn’t a toy for chewers however. Its best for dogs who play with their toys without destroying them

If you know the Kong brand as a red rubber bell, then you may not recognize this as a Kong toy at first. However it does stand up to the Kong brand as durable and fun for dogs. It’s essentially a tennis ball in a bowling pin shape. When thrown, if it hits the ground, its bounce is unpredictable, making it so your dog has to predict its movements and move to catch it and bring it back to you. Like tennis balls, the outside can get torn if you have an aggressive chewer. This is also safer for canines than a regular tennis ball. Regular tennis balls when squeezed have the risk of popping into the throat of a dog which can lead to suffocation.

Shaped like a Frisbee but squishy like a rubber toy, dogs will enjoy chasing after this Kong Extreme Flyer. It throws like a Frisbee, but is easier for dogs to pick up because it bends and folds. However as many owners have learned, this isn’t a toy to leave alone with your extreme chewer. It’s best for playing with your dog and not something that should be left alone with a dog.




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