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The Best Spring and Easter Costumes for Dogs

Easter parades, egg hunts, family gatherings and other spring events are perfect excuses to dress your canine, big or small, in their finest attire. Easter costumes for dogs are popular and range from Easter bunny costumes to fancy spring dresses. You can find them in all price ranges as well, from cheap to expensive.

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A must have if your dog is attending an Easter egg hunt. For Easter bunny costumes you can go with just the ears or a full body costume. Since it can still be chilly at Easter, many small short haired dogs may need and appreciate the extra warmth of a rabbit costume that doubles as a jacket. The Zack and Zoey bunny dog costume picture at left in neutral grey works for both boy and girl dogs. For something a little more frilly for the girls, go with a pink bunny costume like the one at the top of this page.

This purple checkered with flowers and sun hat is the dress you picture when you think spring and Easter. It’s lightweight for hot summer and spring days.




Zack and Zoey has a  collection of dresses for dogs that just says spring. They are frilly, yet comfortable for the pets. They are well designed so your dog doesn’t make a mess when going potty. And they hold up well to washing.



This simple collar and hat stands out and will work for any Easter function your pooch has to attend.


Check out these wardrobe closets to store your canine’s fashions.

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