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Animal Wicker Laundry Hampers

With any of these animal wicker hampers, the hamper will no longer be an eye sore or blend in with the background. Instead these cute, yet functional, hampers will attract attention and make you and your guests smile. They make a great gift too for a baby shower or house warming gift.

Elephant Wicker Hamper

Elephant wicker hamper Comes in three sizes and four colors. The smallest is about 1 1/2 feet high. The medium is almost 2 feet tall, and the largest is just over 2 feet high. The largest weighs about 5 and a half pounds. The hamper comes in brown, white, natural and gray colors.

The cloth bag inside the basket makes for easy removal to move soiled laundry to the wash room or to clean the bag itself. The bag attaches to the basket with velcro strips.

While the main purpose for this is for laundry, some users have the smaller one in the bathroom as a storage bin for various toiletries.

It’s both cute and durable and can works for both kids rooms and adult rooms.

Owl Wicker Laundry Basket

is like the elephant hamper in that the materials, sizes, and colors are similar, although each of the sizes are a bit taller than the elephant. The sizes are:  Small: 21″H x 16.5″W x 16.25″deep, medium: 23.25″H x 19.25″W x 18.5″ deep, and large: 28″H x 22″W x 21.75″ deep.

The bag is easy to remove for cleaning or moving the laundry.

This is another cute and functional hamper for a bed or bathroom with an animal or nature theme.

Penguin Wicker Hamper

Another option for a black and white motif is This one is just over 2 feet tall and the interior fabric bag can hold up to 30 pounds of laundry, or bath room supplies. His face looks like he has something to say and is sure to give guests a giggle when they encounter him.

Dog Wicker Hamper

sits patiently waiting to be used. It also has a removable and washable lining. The wicker is a water hyacinth weave and will hold up to use for many years.

To care for any of these hampers, don’t lift them by the ears, nose, or beak, as that will cause them to become misshapen. Use the bag inside to put laundry in and carry the laundry.

Too often people pick their pets in an offhand manner, and as the animal grows, the owners find it’s not what they imagined. The cute little rabbit bought as an Easter bunny isn’t as desirable as a full grown rabbit that the kids won’t take care of. The adorable puppy bought from a guy on a street corner from a pen full of dogs has expensive medical problems when it gets older. This often leads to the animal discarded by abandoning on the street, given to someone else, or turned into an animal shelter and euthanized. None of these options are fair to the pet. At best, raising a pet from a baby to an adult is a challenging task not for everybody. While this article refers to dogs and dog breeders, any other pet can be substituted for dog.

Breeders: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Breeders raise and sell purebred animals with genealogy papers. Reputable breeders keep these records and turn copies in to the breed’s national organization and make them available to the purchaser. They carry an aura of providing the best examples of the breed, but the animals breeders produce cover a wide range of health and excellence.

Puppy mills are a term used to identify pet breeders that raise animals with the object of producing animals to sell for the most profit without regard to the animal’s health or the customer’s satisfaction. Puppy mills sometimes keep the animals in small areas with little room to run or associate with other puppies. In extreme cases, some of the mothers used to produce the babies may be deformed because of cramped and unhealthy living conditions.

Puppy mill offspring can produce health issues because of low quality food, lack of exercise and little or no medical attention. Without social interaction with other pups, behavior problems are common because they are not properly socialized with animals their own age at the proper time in their development.

Animals from these puppy mill breeders are common in in mall pet stores where they are sold as purebreds giving the animal prestige and an aura of quality. They may be purebred and pedigrees can be had for an extra fee. While presented as purebreds, they may not be. This happened with our rescued miniature beagle who became a beagle-basset hound mix when an adult. She turned into a great dog, but wasn’t a purebread miniature beagle as advertised to the original owner.

So, how to find a reputable breeder? A good place to start may be at the humane society. If they don’t recommend a breeder, they can give information on local clubs specializing in the breed you want who will be glad to help.

Another way is to go to a national club such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) for dogs. Most pets have a similar group that defines the ideals of the animal. These organizations can direct you to specific breeds groups that will recommend reputable breeders. Reputable breeders are proud to show their kennels and operation. If a breeder doesn’t want visitors, that’s a sign you don’t want their animals.

Reputable breeders will have animals that are as advertised. The animals will be healthy, given shots and care as required and have blood lines the breeder will be willing to share without smoke and mirrors.

Beware of fad pets. After the movie, 101 Dalmatians, parents bought the breed at their children’s request. Dalmatians are great dogs, but not the best pet for all families. After a few months, many were turned into animal shelters. Be sure to do diligent research on the pets you are interested in.

Some animals are fine for pets that aren’t normally considered pets. Pigs can be great companions, but the owner should be aware what they are getting into. Disreputable breeders will sell pet owners miniature pigs that become full size adults. Of course, the breeder couldn’t be found at that time to get his definition of miniature, or a refund. People buy pets like pigs and when the animal becomes an adult, the owner doesn’t want him for a pet. Rescue groups are establishing sanctuaries for these abandoned pigs.

Rescue Groups and Clubs

Most breed clubs have a rescue group or method of placing their breed that owners have discarded. Animal shelters agree to notify the club when one of their breed comes in. The club takes the animal and places it in a foster home until it can be adopted. The club may evaluate a prospective owner to see if the new owner is a good match for the dog. Fees vary and are reasonable considering the animal is examined for health and condition issues.

Rescue groups are common in small breeds as well as large breeds such as Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Great Dane, Mastiff and similar breeds. People see a small cute, fuzzy pup and don’t realize this will be a 150 pound adult. Club members are more than willing to show off their dogs so that the prospective adopter can see what an adult will look like.

These clubs generally have a veterinarian examine the animal, provide shots and give a medical evaluation. When you get one of these animals you will know the best and worst about their health. Sometimes they have complete health records. There will be a fee for the animal, but it will include veterinarian check as well as support and advice from the club members. Club members are always happy to give advice and talk about their breed and brag about their pets and tell how much better their breed is when compared to others.

This is probably the best option if you want a purebred as a pet. It is cheaper than going through a breeder. The pet has been rescued, possibly from a shelter, from someone that has given them up for a variety of reasons. Drawbacks are that the pet may have been mistreated and have some issues because of that. The original owner may have not treated the pet well which would make it hard for subsequent owners to train or interact with.

One of the challenges with adopting from rescue groups is that they view few people as good enough to take their animals. This is true of many dog, cat, and bird groups that have a low adoption turnover rate because of rigid adoption standards.

Humane Society

The humane society or local animal shelter is possibly the best place to buy a dog, cat, or other pet. Shelter animals find themselves there after having become lost and picked up as strays, been turned over by their owners, or taken from a home for over population or other reasons. Shelter vets evaluate the animal for health before releasing them for adoption. They are normally observed for several days in the shelter before they can be adopted. This is an excellent way to find a great pet and the price is reasonable. If you aren’t worried about papers or breeding adopting from the shelter is great. It’s not unusual for animal trainers that provide trained animals for movies and TV shows to find their animals at shelters. Moose, the Jack Russell known as Eddie on Fraiser, is an example of this.

The Street Corner

It’s common to see someone selling puppies or other animals on the street corner. These animals are impossibly cute, young, cuddly and completely adorable. This may be the worst way to get a pet for a variety of reasons. The animals may be too young to be weaned and the prospective owner has no idea as to how they were raised or the living conditions in which these animals were raised.

Which option to choose depends on what kind of pet you want. For a mixed breed pet, the animal shelter or a rescue group is probably the best option. The animal won’t be released unless it is healthy, and they will provide as much information as is available about the animal.

If the goal for a purebred, a rescue or club animal is cheaper than a breeder and still get a purebred animal. The owner will get all available records and papers about the animal. The members are more than glad to help out after the adoption.

To get a young animal with intentions to show, the only way is to go to a breeder. Some sell animals as “pet quality” which may have imperfections, such as color, that prevent them from being shown. These often are negligible and don’t detract from the animal from being an excellent pet. One bad thing about “pet quality” breeders is they may drift to the puppy mill area of breeding. If new to the breed, or buying purebred animals, it can’t be stressed enough to get in contact with a club, or someone knowledgeable with the breed or breeders and get their opinion. Most club members love talking about their breed, and want you to have the best experience possible when getting one their breed as a pet.

The Petzi camera lets you talk to your pet and give out treats when you are not at home. You can .

These pet cams that give treats will keep you and your cat or dog happy while you have to spend time apart. You can check in on your pets and they can have something to look forward to while they wait for you to come home. These are especially helpful for dogs with separation anxiety. You can not only talk to your pet while you are away, you can remotely reward them for being alone and surviving the world that is your home without you there. This is a great training tool that can help teach a pet to be ok when you leave.

With your smartphone or tablet you want watch your pet, talk to your pet, and even give treats. The Petzi even lets you take photos of your cat or dog as they look into the camera listening to you.

How it Works:

Install the at eye level to your cat or dog; all you need is a screw to mount it to the wall. It does need to be near an electrical outlet. This may take some trial and error and testing the camera to get it in the right position if you have several pets with different heights. Then download the free app and have fun! The camera will chime when you login to see your pet and most dogs will quickly learn this means treat time and come running.

Hit the treat button and one or two treats will be let out. You can’t control the number of treats, but can give more by hitting the treat dispenser button multiple times.

The treats do have to be very small to fit into the machine and not jam it. Or just use dog or cat food to make it easy.

The video quality is surprisingly good, even at night. So is the voice quality; you come through loud and clear for your pet.

And a plus, customer support at Petzi is outstanding. If you have any problems with your unit, call them and they will help.

Pawbo is a strong competitors to the Petzi. Also , it has a few features the Petzi does not.

with treats works very similarly to the Petzi. However, it does come with a few more features than the Petzi. The Pawbo does have 2-way communication, something the current first version of the Petzi does not have. With the Pawbo your pet can speak back to you. It also lets you play with your pet with a laser light you can control remotely. Get your lazy cat or dog moving even when you are not home!

Petzi vs Pawbo – Which is the Best Pet Cam that Gives Treats?

Really they are both great products, have excellent ratings from pet owners, and quality customer service. The biggest difference is that Petzi does come with a lower price tag. But if talking back and forth with your pet and the laser light are important to you, then the Pawbo may be the best pet cam for you.

Tired of your dog eating cat poop out of the litter box? Here are some solutions for how to keep the dog out of the litter box. This isn’t something you can easily train a dog to stop doing since he gets rewarded every time he gets into the kitty box with a tasty treat. Instead, you need to set up the box so your dog can’t get into it, but your cat can.

Put the litter box up high

This is the quickest and cheapest solution. If you have a countertop you don’t use in a room guests aren’t likely to see (maybe the laundry room), put the litter box up onto the counter. This keeps it out of reach for the dog and most cats can jump onto the counter. However, if your dog is large and/or your cat is elderly, this solution isn’t going to work for you. In that case, keep reading for other dog proofing the litter box ideas.

Hide the litter box

Hiding the litter box will not only make the room look nicer for you, it can make it more difficult for a large dog to get into the box. and no guest will ever know what’s inside. Put it up against a wall with a few inches of space and most dogs will not be able to get into the box. Some cats may not like the entrance facing the wall. You can add a door flap to the entrance that will help keep some dogs out and larger dogs will still have a difficult time getting into the doorway to reach the litter pan.

Get a covered litter box with blocked opening

The design of makes it difficult for all but the tiniest of dogs to get into the litter box. Most medium to larger dogs will give up on trying to get into this box. The only downside to this one is that you do have to remove the lid to scoop the box.

Get the door buddy

For a less expensive option, . This keeps the door to the room from opening wider than your cat. The strap attaches to the door frame and door with sticky tape. You can adjust the width and easily unlatch it when you need to go into that room. If you place it just right, you can latch and unlatch it from inside the room as well by reaching your hand through the open doorway.

If you have a small breed dog that is no bigger than your cat, there may not be anyway to set up the box to keep the dog out. For these dogs it’s best to just keep them out of the room the litter box is in. You can do this by installing an electronic pet door into that room. Put the sensor onto your cat’s collar and then only your cat will have access to that room.

Is your cat annoyed by the dog getting into its litter box?

If you are having problems with your cat consistently using its litter box, the dog intrusion may be the reason. Stopping your dog from getting into the litter box may also make your cat feel more secure while he’s doing his business and solve some litter box problems with your feline.

Does your dog also get into the garbage can? Then you need a dog proof garbage can.

These cute ferret beds and hammocks and hideouts will keep your ferret entertained and give him a place to nap. All are washable, although read the instructions for washing. For some, hand washing is recommended. All of these ferret beds and hammocks and more ferret gear can be

The ferret pirate ship comes with 4 adjustable straps to make it into a hammock. Many pets use it as a bed as well as a toy. This allows you to hang it inside the cage or take the straps off to have it sit on the bottom of the cage. The pirate ship has 5 holes in the side for the ferret or rat to use as it pleases. It also comes with a ferret pirate flag and pirate tee shirt for your ferret to wear.

The pirate ship is cloth and will survive multiple washings. A firm bottom insert keeps the ship stable, and can be removed for cleaning. This is a ferret, chinchilla or rat toy made by Marshall. It is 10.5 x 7.5 x 4.2 inches, and weighs 1.1 pounds.

Ferrets are busy, busy, busy. This is not only a bed they can sleep in, but also a toy. The alligator has a jingly bell inside to help keep them entertained. It can be laundered to keep it fresh and clean. It should provide hours of entertainment for both your ferret and you.

The Hide-N-Sleep Alligator is 9.5” x 7.2” x 3.2”, and weighs 9.6 ounces. It is a bed appropriate for ferrets, rats and other small furry creatures. It is a bit cramped for two adult ferrets.

The Octo-Play offers a ferret or other small pet multiple opportunities to play and hide with his friends. The center is like a cave where the pet can nap or sleep if it wants. This is a good product for multiple ferrets. The multiple openings offer ample opportunities for them to sneak up, attack and play with each other. It is a good toy to keep them busy.

The ferret Octo-Play is 11 x 8 x 4.2 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces. It has 11 five inch diameter holes for your ferret to pop in and out of.

Cute Winter Coats for Small Dogs

These cute winter coats for small dogs are fashionable, and budget friendly. 

This looks like wool, but is soft to the touch and lined inside for extra comfort and warmth. The collar is faux fur and the gold buttons and belt give it a classy look. The belt is functional too and can be adjusted. Comes in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large and in three colors: pink with a pink fur collar, brown with brown faux fur collar, and white with a white collar. Perfect for both boy and girl dogs. Your pooch will get lots of compliments wearing this cute winter coat.

This super cute feminine leopard print jacket has a ruffle skirt, grown accents, and a perfectly matched bow at the nape. Feels like velvet and is very comfortable and warm. Your girl will look great on her daily walks or be ready for the holiday party in this coat.

This is made of a cotton blend material that is soft and plush. The ruffles lay perfectly over the lower back of the dog; couldn’t be any cuter. It does tend to run on the small size, so do measure your dog before ordering. Comes in a pink and champagne color. The bow on the back is adorned with a faux pearl.

This is for the dog that is just not into frills and pink. This jacket has a nice plaid print with tan, black, and an hint of red. It’s hooded with a faux fur trim. The inside is lined for added warmth. Buttons run down the chest and a belt wraps around the back, so your dog will look well-dressed from any angle. Sizes run small for this jacket.

Leopard print is always in fashion; your pooch will be able to wear this jacket for several seasons without going out of style. It’s made of faux fur but looks luxurious with an upright collar and snap buttons on the front. Do measure your dog before ordering; this does run small and is made for the smallest of dog breeds such as yorkies and Chihuahuas.

Tips for Measuring for a Winter Coat for Your Small Dog

You will need to measure around your dog’s neck, chest, and the length of the bad from neck to base of the tail to get the perfect fit. Make sure to compare your measurements with the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Each manufacturer may size their dog clothes differently; their sizing is not generally consistent between designers. It helps to read the reviews also to see if other pet owners mention sizing differences.


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For the tough small dog, check out these biker jackets for dogs!

Starting a Dog Boarding Business? Make Your Kennel a 5-Star Doggie Resort

When starting a dog boarding business, you need more than just a kennel and some dog food. To stand out above the rest, you need to provide more than just food and water. Putting their dog in a kennel while away on vacation or business shouldn’t make an owner nervous about the care of their beloved dog. When owners tour dog kennels and other boarding facilities, they will quickly learn that not every dog kennel is equal. Some stand out among the rest as providing 5-star service to the pooches in their care. Here are some ways to make your kennel or boarding facility stand out.

Good Air Quality

When you first walk into a dog kennel, the first breath you take inside can immediately tell you if you’ve walked into a quality facility or one that should have you walking away. A 5-star facility will smell like dogs, but should not have a stench of accumulated urine or feces.

Have Climate Control

Not all dogs can tolerate the elements. Older dogs, dogs dealing with a chronic health condition, and some breeds need a climate-controlled environment. Dog kennels that go above and beyond will have a climate controlled kennel section for these dogs.

Separate Big Dogs and Small Dogs

Small dogs tend to be nervous Nellies, especially if they are not used to co-habitating with dogs that tower over them. To accommodate these dogs, care should be taken to house the big dogs separately from the smaller dogs.

Provide Special Elderly and Medical Care

Provide elderly pets will be cared for with the reverence they are due and you will win the loyalty of your clients. Make accommodations for dogs that need special furniture to rest comfortably or other care. You and your staff should be comfortable and trained in giving medications. And have a veterinarian on call to evaluate any dog in the event of an emergency.

Provide Play Time and Walks

Dogs shouldn’t be left in a small kennel and cared for as if they are being stored away until their owner comes to pick them up. Playtime and walks out of the kennel cage should be offered to each dog, even if it’s at an additional cost. If you have the space, have large areas fenced off to allow dogs to run and play freely and maybe even go for a swim.

Hiring Staff

There’s more to taking care of multiple dogs than just enjoying canines. Collectively the staff should have an impressive and extensive resume. This should include experience and education in animal behavior, dog training, veterinary care, and pet sitting.


Offering extras make a particular dog kennel and easy choice for owners. If extra services such as grooming, training, and doggie social time are offered, you’ll find your clients appreciate the convenience of using your kennel or facility. Maybe even offer teeth brushing!

Always Make a Good First Impression

Often owners can determine the quality of a dog kennel within the first minute of entering the facility. If they are covering your nose or avoiding breathing due to the stench right when they walk in, then they do not need to waste their time by continuing the tour. If however, they immediately find the facility clean and welcoming, they will be more likely to spend the time looking at and asking about the care and daily routine of the dogs and you will get the chance to land a new client for your new pet business.

Make your business stand out by giving your clients a pet’s view of their vacation.

Metabolic Bone Disease in Ducks, Parrots, and Other Pet Birds

A bird’s health can affect feather quality and growth.

Metabolic bone disease in birds, also called rickets or soft bone disease, is a common health condition, yet it is 100% preventable with good diet and care. A pet bird, such as a duck, finch, parakeet, macaw or cockatoo, fed a poor diet that does not meet its nutritional needs is the leading cause of metabolic bone disease (MBD). Unfortunately, due to many pet birds being fed an unhealthy diet, MBD is also a common pet bird disease. Poor nutrition causes an imbalance in the calcium to phosphorus ratio and a deficiency in vitamin D. All of this results in the body pulling calcium out of the bird’s bones and other organs to support other basic body functions. If your bird has symptoms of MBD and has a history of eating an unhealthy diet, then seek avian veterinary care immediately.

Metabolic Bone Disease Symptoms

Common symptoms of MBD in birds include easily broken bones and visible swelling around the bones. Birds may also be lethargic or have behavior problems such as screaming, biting, and feather plucking. Advanced cases can result in seizures and death.

Feeding a healthy diet to birds will prevent MBD. is a healthy daily diet for parrots.

Best Prevention and Treatment: Provide a Healthy Bird Diet

The diet of the bird must be addressed immediately. Every species of bird has different nutritional needs. The bird should be a fed a diet that is appropriate and nutritious for the species of bird. Most often pet parrots with MBD have been fed a seed based diet. Your avian veterinarian will advise you on changing your bird’s diet so that he receives all the nutrition he needs. You should also further research bird diets to understand the specific nutritional needs of your bird.

For example, large parrots such as macaws and amazons do best with a rounded diet that includes parrot pellets and fresh fruits and vegetables every day. and are two pellets that veterinarians recommend most.

Provide Natural UV Light

UV light found in natural sunlight is needed to help the body utilize vitamin D. Exposing a bird to UV light helps reverse MBD. Several artificial UV lights are readily available and marketed for birds. However, the research is sketchy as to how effective these lights are for birds. The best source of UV light is natural sunlight. Spending just 15 minutes a day outside will improve any bird’s health. And no, the cold, rain, or clouds will not suddenly cause your bird to keel over. That is a myth that they must be kept warm at all times. Healthy birds can live outside year round even in northern states.

Prescription Bird Supplements

Your veterinarian may advise that birds diagnosed with MBD be given regular supplements of calcium and vitamin D for a period of several weeks. Liquid neo-calglucon or calcitonin can be used for the calcium supplement and vitamin D is often given as an injection.

Supportive Care in Metabolic Bone Disease Treatment

Birds need to be confined until their bones are stronger to prevent fractures. In serious cases, the bird may also need to be given fluids and a heated area to maintain proper body temperature. In these more serious cases, hospitalization may be required.

Pet birds do not have to suffer from MBD. Giving your pet bird healthy foods every day and regular time outdoors prevents this disease completely. It is also important to know that MBD is reversible. Getting your bird treatment with an avian veterinarian and making changes to his care can cure many birds of MBD, allowing them to live a long and healthy life.

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Programmable LED Aquarium Light Reviews

Aquarium hoods cover an aquarium and the light provides illumination to see the fish, plant growth and provide the occupants with a lighting cycle that resembles a natural cycle from dark to light. Some can also let you mimic the lighting of the natural habitats of your fish, such as the . Newer models of hoods are programmable to eliminate manually turning them on and off to simulate the day night cycle.


Finnex Planted 24/7 Fully Automatic LED Hood with Remote Control

is made for popular aquarium sizes up to 48 inches. It uses energy saving LED bulbs which provides the light from morning sunrise to a blazing noontime sun to afternoon sunset. In addition it simulates thunderstorms, cloudy days or nights, the moon progressing through phases, and nights with starry skies. Four memory slots allow saving or programming other scenarios if the fish aficionado doesn’t want to use the 24/7 option. The remote control allows changing the lighting from anywhere in the room. It allows adjusting the light color and intensity. The LED bulbs encourage plant growth to keep the aquarium lush and vibrant. This aquarium hood will make fish think they are still in the wild.

Lighting options include blue lights, white lights, and moon lighting depending on which light combinations you have on at one time. Purchasers say this is a plug and play light to give preset sunrise to sunset lighting situation. This light comes in 5 sizes ranging from 20 inch to 72 inches. The lamps are both T5 HO fluorescent and LED lights which come on an off separately as set on the timer to meet the various lighting situations. The larger models have fans to move heat away from the unit and the aquarium. The German made AquaticLife uses reflectors to direct and focus light deep into the aquarium. The frame mounts are adjustable to fit a wide variety of uses. Users like the easy of setting the timer, and the most common complaint is about the adjustable feet.

Marine Aquarium Lights

The lush colors of marine fish and plants are what draw aquarists into keeping a saltwater tank.

A proper aquarium light enhances the colors of the fish and tank and improves the occupant’s health. Most aquarium lights are used for either saltwater or freshwater aquariums; however, some lights are designed specifically to meet the needs of a saltwater tank such as growing a coral reef. Using a marine light and hood allows the saltwater occupants to be healthier and more content for optimum growth and health.

Orbit Marine Aquarium LED Light

comes in four sizes: 18 -24 inch, 24 – 36, 36 – 48 and 48 – 60 inches. It allows adjusting the LED lights for duration, intensity, color and brightness to simulate the light changes from the sun and moon during a 24 hour cycle. The gradual sunrise turns into a noontime sun that recedes as the sun sets and into customized moonlight.

This is a great lighting system for growing coral. Aquarists say their coral has improved and hasn’t looked better than with the Hydra Light System. Light lenses are at 90% efficiency which allows for better light transmission and diffusion. The lights are brighter at a lower power. Control is with a system remote so the lights can be changed from an easy chair. Mounting is by hanging or the EXT rail system of rails which attaches the lights to a system of brackets that mounts to the aquarium stand and positions the lights above the tank. Comes with a quick start guide.

The Best Horse Boots for Trail Riding

Many use horse boots instead of shoes. Hoof boots are protection for the barefoot horse and an alternative for metal horseshoes. They are also used if the horse has thrown a shoe, and can be used over a shod hoof. Hoof boots are popular for trail or other riding over rough or slippery ground. These protect the shod or unshod hoof from injuries or disease. Check sizing as sizing does vary between manufactures and styles. You will need to measure your horse’s hoof and check the size chart to make sure you get a good fit.

Do note that most sell individual hoof boots rather than as a set. Pricing is usually for one boot.

Here are some of the best horse boots for trail riding:

EasyCare Easyboot

uses a tread design that works over a wide range of ground conditions. A heavy duty front shield protects the hoof area that takes the most abuse and a double velcro attachment protects the sides. This is recommend for moderate use up to 25 miles per week. It is available in a variety of sizes. Attention is needed when putting on the hoof so that the boot doesn’t move on the hoof.

Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot

Cavallo does sell boot in pairs. This boot comes in 7 sizes, from size 0 to size 6, and is easy to size and put on. The Simple Boot has leather uppers and lowers that give superior traction on rough trails. These stay on well in water, sand, mud and other terrains, yet are easy to take off.

all terrain trail riding. Like other Cavallo boots, this is easy to size and put on the horse. The sole design incorporates a heel, or skid, brake. The sole absorbs shocks so the horse doesn’t have to. This light weight boot comes in 6 sizes and sold in pairs. Shaped for the natural foot, sport boots don’t require shims or inserts. Users report they are easy to put on and take off.

Cavallo boots are one of the most popular brands due to their high quality.

Cavallo Trek Slim Sole Hoof Boot

is advertised to be easy to put on and take off. The Trek is lightweight and breathable because of the mesh design. Treks fit either the left or right hoofs and they are a good fit for narrow hoofed horses. The Slim Sole is Cavallo’s top of the line hoof boot. They do run on the small size, and many say they need to order one size up.