Best Ferret Cages for Sale

These best ferret cages are good for a variety of pets such as hamsters, ferrets, Guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, sugar gliders and similar pets. If you have multiple pets of this type, a large cage is just the thing. Critter cages big enough to be made in levels allow your pet to work off his energy by climbing from one level to another as they chase their pen mate. Some come with wheels to make moving easier, and some cages can be removed from this stand.

The Coco Brown Prevue Pet Frisky Ferret cage is a single level cage with a stand. The cage is removable from the stand. The stand has wheels which make moving the 20-pound stand easy and a tray collects dirt to make cleaning easier. This is a good cage for one animal the size of a ferret, chinchilla, or other animal that size. It is 25 inches long, 17 and an eighth wide and 34 inches high. The wire spacing is seven eighths of an inch, narrow enough for pets of this size so they can’t stick a paw too far out. It comes with a door on the front and on the top. The plastic ramp and ladder are adjustable. The stand is big enough to provide a storage space beneath the cage.

The Frisky Ferret Cage provides space for one animal with room left to put toys, food and water bowls and hammock. The Frisky Ferret Cage is big enough to house more than one smaller animal such as rats, degus, hamsters, and chinchillas. Bigger animals such as Guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets should be kept to one.

This is another single level critter cage. It is 36 x 24 x 39 inches high and weighs 59 pounds. It comes on a stand that has wheels with locks for easy moving. The bars are spaced at half inch intervals. It is platinum gray hammertone finish. The stand is high enough to provide a storage area for food, toys and whatever underneath the cage. A plastic tray underneath the cage is designed to collect waste and is removable to make cleaning easier.

It can be assembled with no tools required. This is a proper size for a single adult ferret, rabbit or hedgehog. Smaller pets such as rats may be able to squeeze out between the bars.

This Hendryx 490 cage neatly fits into a corner. It is perfect if you want to save space. It is 39 inches long, 27 inches wide and 63 inches high. It weighs 55 pounds and has seven-eighths inch wire spacing and its color is black hammertone. It is on a lower frame with wheels and space on the frame bottom to store supplies and equipment.

It has four levels to keep your rambunctious pets entertained. These are removable and easy to clean. It also has a removable tray to collect waste that can be easily cleaned.

This black critter cage is good for ferrets, chinchillas, sugar gliders and similar pets. It is 32 inches x 19 inches x 38 inches, 64 with stand and weighs 60 pounds. Wheels on the stand provide easy mobility. One user writes the bar spacing is three-eights of an inch which make it fine for his rats. However, some of the doors slide upward, which a rat will figure out.

It is 4-story, and the platforms and ladders are wire frame. There is room on the frame for storage.

All of these best ferret cages for sale do require assembly, and the assembly process seems to generate the most complaints. One word of caution, some of these may cause injury if it is too big for the pet. A small pet may get a leg caught between wires and become injured. When buying any cage, check that the bar sizing is the right size for the pet size.

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