Fake Fire Hydrant for Dogs to Pee On

If your dog likes to mark every tree, bush, and fire hydrant along his walking path, then getting a fake fire hydrant for dogs to pee on is a good training tool to use to train them to urinate in one spot in your backyard. It will also help to keep them from peeing on things or bushes you don’t want them to use.

This is the largest fake fire hydrant you can buy on Amazon.

Large Vintage Metal Fire Hydrant with Storage

Hand painted, this hydrant looks very realistic. The top of this hydrant comes off and the inside is hollow. If using outdoors for your dog, you can fill it with sand or rocks to make it heavier and less likely to tip over. If using indoors, it’s great for dog toy storage. This is 23 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide. One of the largest fake fire hydrants available and best for larger breed dogs.

Vintage Metal Fire Hydrant

Vintage Metal Dog Fire Hydrant

This orante one is a bit taller at 17 inches and wider at 9 inches. It’s metal with a darker red giving it a more vintage look. The top is adorned with a bird to add to its charm. Despite being metal, it is lightweight and easy to move. However, that does make it easy to knock over if your dog is rambunctious. You can drill holes in the bottom and fill it with sand to make it heavier and keep it upright.

Realistic Looking Bright Red Dog Fire Hydrant Statue for Small Dogs

This is the one of the best to get if you are looking for a charming statue to add to the garden for you small breed dogs. It measures 14 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It’s made of a durable material and should last several years assuming you only have one dog marking it.

Tips for Training to Use a Fake Fire Hydrant for Dogs to Pee On

Start your training by placing the fake fire hydrant in a location your dog normally pees. If he uses the hydrant, then slowly move it over several days a couple of feet at a time to the final spot you want it located. Most dog owners report that is does take some time for the dog to get “interested” in their hydrant. But once they mark it, they will continue to do so. If your dog is trained to use a pee pad, then place the pee pad under or near the fake fire hydrant to get your dog to use that area. Once he regularly uses the fire hydrant as a pee post, you can remove the pee pad. Click here for more potty training a dog to go outside tips.

If you paint the hydrant with a protective coating or have it powder coated it will last longer. No matter how well made, over time it will rust or degrade if your dog pees on the hydrant regularly.

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