How to Keep Outdoor Cats Warm in Winter Weather

The best shelters, blankets, and more tips for how to keep outdoor cats warm in winter weather.

These outdoor cathouses are best for feral cats because they can be placed anywhere, no electrical outlet needed. It is insulated with 1/2-inch thick foam walls and can be filled with blankets or straw as bedding for the cats. With two doors, cats can escape should a predator or other wildlife decide to join them. The roof extends past the door by several inches to give an overhand to protect from rain, snow, and sleet. It’s set on wood feet keeping it up off the cold ground.

This is also well insulated and made from recycled materials, making a green option. The round shape makes it exceptionally wind resistant. The lid comes off easily so you can change the straw or blankets or just check on your kitty. This one also looks nice, so you can place it in your yard and it won’t be an eye sore. It can actually blend in nicely with potty plants and patio furniture. Read more about The Kitty Tube Here.

To add more heat to keep outdoor feral cats warm in winter without electricity, put a self-warming pet blanket inside their cat house. These are made of washable microfleece, which retains body heat.

Dog Igloo for Cats

Any small dog Igloo can also be used for cats and kittens outside. Placed near and electrical outlet and you can heat it with a heated blanket made just for the Igloo shape. There are also igloos made for cats with a slightly smaller opening.

If you can place the outdoor cat shelter near an electrical outlet, then ideally you want to put a heated kitty blanket inside the shelter. Cats young and old will certainly appreciate it and be more likely to use the shelter to stay warm throughout the winter.

Pet Door

Adding a pet door so your cat can come inside at her choosing will keep her warm indoors. If coming inside the house is not possible, consider adding a pet door to a barn or tool shed in the yard.

Don’t forget to provide water despite the freezing cold temperatures. A heated water bowl keeps the water from forming ice no matter the weather.

More Food

Outdoor cats need more calories in the winter to stay warm. Be sure to feed them more. If the cat is outside in very cold weather, they could actually benefit from a layer of fat that housecats do not need.

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