How to Keep the Dog Out of the Litter Box

Tired of your dog eating cat poop out of the litter box? Here are some solutions for how to keep the dog out of the litter box. This isn’t something you can easily train a dog to stop doing since he gets rewarded every time he gets into the kitty box with a tasty treat. Instead, you need to set up the box so your dog can’t get into it, but your cat can.

Put the litter box up high

This is the quickest and cheapest solution. If you have a countertop you don’t use in a room guests aren’t likely to see (maybe the laundry room), put the litter box up onto the counter. This keeps it out of reach for the dog and most cats can jump onto the counter. However, if your dog is large and/or your cat is elderly, this solution isn’t going to work for you. In that case, keep reading for other dog proofing the litter box ideas.

Hide the litter box

Hiding the litter box will not only make the room look nicer for you, it can make it more difficult for a large dog to get into the box. and no guest will ever know what’s inside. Put it up against a wall with a few inches of space and most dogs will not be able to get into the box. Some cats may not like the entrance facing the wall. You can add a door flap to the entrance that will help keep some dogs out and larger dogs will still have a difficult time getting into the doorway to reach the litter pan.

Get a covered litter box with blocked opening

The design of makes it difficult for all but the tiniest of dogs to get into the litter box. Most medium to larger dogs will give up on trying to get into this box. The only downside to this one is that you do have to remove the lid to scoop the box.

Get the door buddy

For a less expensive option, . This keeps the door to the room from opening wider than your cat. The strap attaches to the door frame and door with sticky tape. You can adjust the width and easily unlatch it when you need to go into that room. If you place it just right, you can latch and unlatch it from inside the room as well by reaching your hand through the open doorway.

If you have a small breed dog that is no bigger than your cat, there may not be anyway to set up the box to keep the dog out. For these dogs it’s best to just keep them out of the room the litter box is in. You can do this by installing an electronic pet door into that room. Put the sensor onto your cat’s collar and then only your cat will have access to that room.

Is your cat annoyed by the dog getting into its litter box?

If you are having problems with your cat consistently using its litter box, the dog intrusion may be the reason. Stopping your dog from getting into the litter box may also make your cat feel more secure while he’s doing his business and solve some litter box problems with your feline.

Does your dog also get into the garbage can? Then you need a dog proof garbage can.

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