Modern Cool Small Fish Tanks for the Office Desk

Fish tanks are calming and add life to a room, making them ideal additions to an office. You don’t need a lot of space or to add extra work to your day to keep an aquarium in your office. An office desk fish tank is small enough to sit right on your desk and is easy to maintain. These cool small fish tanks for the office desk are designed with the style of the modern day office in mind.

The design of the Fluval Edge aquarium is clean, simple, and definitely modern. The 6-gallon or 12-gallon rectangular glass fish tank is held by a stand that also nicely hides all the tanks equipment. All you see is the tank and not the filter or cords. This gives you options on where to place the tank because it looks good from all angles and you can see the fish from all angles.  It comes in several colors including black, burnt orange which looks like wood, pewter, and white. Because the stand that holds the tank is minimal and designed to hide everything, from the lights to the cords, the opening to the tank is also rather small. It’s large enough to do a water change, but catching fish is a challenge with the small opening. Fluval sells a fish net designed just for the Edge aquarium to make it easier to catch fish when necessary.

If you are looking for something a bit smaller, the smaller is just as attractive and comes in two sizes that hold 5 gallons or 6.6 gallons but is taller rather than longer.

With the smaller 6-gallon tank, you can easily keep a Betta, aka Siamese fighting fish, three 1-inch tetras, and a shrimp as companions on your desk. Of course the 12-gallon tank will give you more space for more or larger fish.

Another modern and sleek looking tank, the Ecoxotic EcoPico Desktop Fish Aquarium hold 5 gallons, enough for a Betta and cory, or a school of colorful tetras. The filter sticks to the side of the tank with a magnet. Unlike the Fluval Edge Aquarium, you can see the filter and cords running down the back of the tank. The lid is a piece of glass that sits on four plastic clips. This helps give the tank a clean look and opens the top of the tank completely for cleaning or easy access to the fish and plants. But it can be tricky to place and remove the glass when needed. Some opt not to use the lid, but this will cause more evaporation and jumping fish will escape.

Problems with Small Fish Tanks for the Office Desk

You may run into some common problems even with the best fish tanks for the office desk. If you overstock your tank, you will have to clean it often. And it can be difficult to reach inside the tank due to the small space. However, it only takes a couple of minutes to scoop out 25% of the water for a water change. And if you only put fish for a small tank into your desk aquarium, you shouldn’t have water quality problems with regular water changes. So once you get the hang of caring for a small fish tank, it’s easy to do. Also remember the gallon capacity is when the tank is empty. Adding substrate, aquarium décor, and plants reduces how many gallons of water are in the tank for your fish. With such a small tank, one rock or one plant makes a big difference in the swimming space available to your fish.

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