The Pet Cam that Gives Treats Review

The Petzi Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

These pet cams that give treats will keep you and your cat or dog happy while you have to spend time apart. You can check in on your pets and they can have something to look forward to while they wait for you to come home. These are especially helpful for dogs with separation anxiety. You can not only talk to your pet while you are away, you can remotely reward them for being alone and surviving the world that is your home without you there. This is a great training tool that can help teach a pet to be ok when you leave.

With your smartphone or tablet you want watch your pet, talk to your pet, and even give treats. The Petzi even lets you take photos of your cat or dog as they look into the camera listening to you.

How it Works:

Install the Petzi camera at eye level to your cat or dog; all you need is a screw to mount it to the wall. It does need to be near an electrical outlet. This may take some trial and error and testing the camera to get it in the right position if you have several pets with different heights. Then download the free app and have fun! The camera will chime when you login to see your pet and most dogs will quickly learn this means treat time and come running.

Hit the treat button and one or two treats will be let out. You can’t control the number of treats, but can give more by hitting the treat dispenser button multiple times.

The treats do have to be very small to fit into the machine and not jam it. Or just use dog or cat food to make it easy.

The video quality is surprisingly good, even at night. So is the voice quality; you come through loud and clear for your pet.

And a plus, customer support at Petzi is outstanding. If you have any problems with your unit, call them and they will help.

Pawbo is a strong competitors to the Petzi. Also available on Amazon, it has a few features the Petzi does not.

The Pawbo Pet Cam with Treats

The Pawbo pet cam with treats works very similarly to the Petzi. However, it does come with a few more features than the Petzi. The Pawbo does have 2-way communication, something the current first version of the Petzi does not have. With the Pawbo your pet can speak back to you. It also lets you play with your pet with a laser light you can control remotely. Get your lazy cat or dog moving even when you are not home!

Petzi vs Pawbo – Which is the Best Pet Cam that Gives Treats?

Really they are both great products, have excellent ratings from pet owners, and quality customer service. The biggest difference is that Petzi does come with a lower price tag. But if talking back and forth with your pet and the laser light are important to you, then the Pawbo may be the best pet cam for you.

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